At College Press it is of paramount importance that our Secondary textbooks address all New Curriculum aims and objectives, to ensure that learners are fully prepared for their Ordinary and Advanced Level Examinations.

Our Focus Secondary series is endowed with rich content that stimulates critical thinking and problem solving, through the use of numerous projects that bridge the gap between theory and practice.

The series promotes the use of modern Information Communication Technology (ICT) in various learning areas suitable for both urban and rural environments. This is supported by the infinite use of illustrations, maps, photographs and learner-friendly layouts, which reinforce content and sustain interest in each learner.

In addition, each textbook incorporates cross-cutting themes which create opportunities for fruitful discussion and debate, centred but not limited to Zimbabwean and other African case studies. Consequently, the depiction of a Zimbabwean set up brings the learning issues home for better understanding and comparison.

So for the meaningful integration of skills and techniques ensure you grab our Focus Series for excellence and mastery of all subject areas for the New Curriculum.