College Press Publishers is one of the largest book publishers in Zimbabwe, majoring in Primary and Secondary textbooks that are approved by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

We are a highly innovative and dynamic organisation with a focus on satisfying the ever-changing needs of our customers and creating educational materials that are based on the ZIMSEC curriculum.

College Press understands that Zimbabwe is a diverse nation with different ethnic groups, therefore, we ensure our Educational Materials cater for our language differences by publishing in Shona, English and Ndebele.

Over the years, our primary Ventures series and our secondary Focus series have earned us a top publishing spot in the eyes of all our stakeholders.

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Why College Press Books?
  • Our books provide complete syllabus coverage for students preparing for their external examinations and they meet all the ZIMSEC requirements.
  • They cater for pupils of different abilities with remediation content for children with reading difficulties and thought-provoking content for students with greater reading abilities.
  • They are user-friendly in a way that learners can use them on their own without any difficulties.
  • They have graded questions which make it easier for the teacher to select content suitable for each child.
  • They furnish learners across Zimbabwe with skills in terms of language adeptness.
  • They include literature that builds up vocabulary, spelling, grammar and fluency which strengthens comprehension reading; they also build the learner’s confidence and make reading a pleasure.