The new readers are suitable for Early Reading Initiatives (ERI), a programme that was introduced by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education last year, which requires schools to start teaching pupils how to read from the time they are enrolled into Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Readers are Leaders is a comprehensive reading series which offers an extensive range of titles that reinforce the basic structures and vocabulary found in most primary school courses. The series is comprised of 22 books that meet the reading needs of various levels.

Ventures Active Readers and Ventures Pepukai Readers have been written by C.J.K. Ngwaru, a famous author who is well-known for his Ventures Gore Rechishona book, a book that is used countrywide in Shona learning schools.

Ventures Active Readers series consists of 10 books which help learners in the development of word attack skills and build a reader’s Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar and Fluency which strengthen comprehension reading and make reading interesting.

Ventures Pepukai Readers series consists of 5 books which develop reading abilities in pupils through the use of simple to complex language, interesting stories and comprehension passages. The use of proverbs also makes the series more captivating.