31 January 2017

At College Press we understand there are differences amongst learners, therefore we have customized our Ventures Primary Series to address these differences in all our Grade 1 and 3 New Curriculum textbooks. As such the Ventures series reduces the contextual gap between both rural and urban environments through the use of simple yet elaborative language to communicate content and detailed glossaries which clearly define vocabulary in text. In addition the use of colourful, expressive illustrations taken from both geographical landscapes allow for comparison and understanding of concepts.

The Series Instils an aptitude of critical and logical thinking as well as self-expression in learners through multiple exercises and learner centred activities. This is supported by a variety of individual and class activities that stimulate assertiveness and decision making all necessary for balancing individual and collaborative learning. The inclusion of a variety of assessment tests (Structured and Multiple Choice) at the end of each unit, topic and term further solidifies learning and prepares pupils for their Grade 7 examinations from an infancy level.

We understand the relevance and importance of technology in modern learning, therefore our Ventures Primary Series is aimed at exposing learners to various technologies and how to apply these technologies in everyday life. These ICTs are taught from both local and global perspectives and examples given to inspire curiosity and inquisition in learner’s minds.

For a holistic and positive approach to learning, one that encourages the acquisition, utilisation and application of concepts and skills in study, work and leisure we recommend our Ventures Primary Series for your easy transition into the NEW CURRICULUM in 2017.